1. pete_agreatguy

    Best Handbrake settings for 1080p blu rips?

    Hi all, I use both MakeMKV and Handbrake to rip blu rays. What settings do people recommend for ripping 1080p movies from blu rays? I currently use the following: H.265 MKV 1080p Same as Source:
  2. pete_agreatguy

    New Handbrake/Gaming - Cores or High Freq?

    Hi all, Going to be upgrading my current build in Q3 / Q4. I'll be mainly using for gaming (flight sim enthusiast) but I also rip my blu rays using MakeMKV and Handbrake. I'd like to reduce the time it takes to rip my blu rays as it takes a good 30 hours odd for to rip one 1080p movie. Does...
  3. PiKe

    Ripping TV episodes for plex

    I want to rip my CSI Las Vegas DVDs to my Plex server but wondered what the best settings are to use for speed Vs quality Vs space as there are quite a lot of episodes! I intend to use handbrake but open to other suggestions. I have access to an i5 7200U with quick sync but I've heard that...
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