happy new year

  1. Journo_Rob

    We’ve levelled up! Overclockers UK Turns 25 This Year!!

    Why does our back hurt?... Happy New Year, forum friends. We hope the last week or so has been especially festive for you all. 2023 is over, and the year of the good, the bad, and the ugly games (looking at you, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum) ends with it. 2024 is here, and there's a lot to be...
  2. fendertele

    Happy New Year - RX580 default 1350, setting it to 1360 and hitting apply PC crashes.

    Happy New Year All ! I am having an issue with my RX580, as mentioned the default is 1350 and just moving it to 1360 causes my screen to go black and the pc to crash and I have no idea what the cause may be. Hoping someone may be able to help me troubleshoot it, would this indicate my card...
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