1. ikra

    Does connecting more fans to motherboard affect overclocking?

    I know this might be a dumb question. I'm planning on connecting 3 fans per header (3) on my motherboard for a total of 9 fans. Is it better if I bought a hub drawing power directly from the PSU rather than connecting these fans to the motherboard? My dumb logic says that it will tax the...
  2. Zig13

    Poll: Preference for header connections for simple closed-loop cooler

    Option 1: Pump -> CPU_Fan Header Pump connected to SATA power Radiator Fans connected to pump Pump connected to USB header Control fans through Windows software (e.g Corsair Link) Option 2: Pump -> CPU_Pump Header SATA power connector shouldn't be required? 1st Radiator fan connected to...
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