1. AlienPsyTing

    Advice needed for non-gamer helping friend out with headphone specifications prior to purchase

    Looking for a good headset it but must work (Wirelessly) with Mac, and Xbox X1, looking to pay around £170, sending back (Christmas prezzie) a pair of JBL Quantum 800's, for the money they are not up to much on the support side of things, no wireless with Xbox, no SW for Mac. So guys any...
  2. Changesx

    Which Headphones do I go for?

    Hey everyone, hope you’re all well Need some help deciding which headphones to go for. I’ll mainly be using them for FPS games and in general gameplay The ones I’m considering are: - Steelseries Artic 7 - Astro A40TR - Cool Master MH752 - Senheisser Game One Ideally I’m not looking to...
  3. ijb1989

    Gaming headset that can double up for music

    Afternoon folks, Just wanting any suggestions you might have for headphones that would double up for audio use outside of gaming. I've seen Senheiser are typically good options on this front but thought i'd ask No budget constraints either - I had some Bose Quietcomfort 35s that have recently...
  4. Tom Redwood

    Astro A50 Vs Corsair Virtuoso SE

    I currently use the astro A50 but I've seen a lot of good reviews and a lot of content creators using the Corsair Virtuoso SE and saying that they are great. My question is: Are the Corsair Virtuoso as good if not better than the astro A50? Has anybody used both sets? Would be great to hear...
  5. Kevin Pap

    How often do you use your VR headset?

    Hey Everyone! Collecting some data on how often people use their VR headsets! Would appreciate it if you could answer this 5 question survey, and leave any comments below! Survey removed.
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