1. Fairlytaleree

    Hello! New here

    Hello there I'm new here but am into hardware for quite a long time. I hope I can help out. As a little more than an introduction, today I am using and acquired (2nd hand) a used Razor Blackwidow Tournament keyboard. It's very nice with Razor switches. It's Not a Chroma version. Any tips on...
  2. Freakaknight

    Hello Ocuk forum

    Someone recommended I post elsewhere in the forum and not just under the gpu section, so here I am, hello. 20 odd posts so far and honestly my experience hasn't been a great one, feels a little alienating the way mods, staff and long term members have responded to me... maybe it's just that...
  3. Waqar


    New to forums, thought I’d introduce myself, erm *thinks* I’ve been a console only guy ever since I was 5 but two years ago I decided to the take the plunge of building a gaming pc, I was scared as hell lol. Anyway I picked parts on ************ and everything started arriving bit by bit, on the...
  4. JaiCaliber

    I need help with deciding what to do with my PC.

    Hello so I built my desktop about 2 years ago for next to nothing from parts I got from friends but as I want to start stuff like twitch streaming I need a more powerful computer. I currently have an Asrock Z97 anniversary motherboard, Intel Core i5 4570, gigabyte GTX 1050ti, 16gb of ddr3 ram...
  5. Heating

    HI !!!

    HI !!! Just saying HI !!, I was a member on here a long time back so thought I would make a new account and say hello.
  6. Matzo


    Just a quick hello to everyone, new to overclockers!
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