1. qbazdz

    Spec me AV receiver

    So, I'm hoping to get a bit of advise from the hi-fi experts. I currently have an old Yamaha HTR-3065 AVR paired up with the 5.1 set of speakers (4x 20W sats, 30W center, 50W sub). This has been perfect for my needs, even though fairly basic setup. I'm about to purchase a 4K TV (LZ980B or C2 or...
  2. preston8452

    Power, Network, Connection, Which one matters the most to you?

    Hi guys, When it comes to sound quality, I've realized there're freaking many factors could affect it, some say the DAC is the paramount thing to be taken care of; some say the speakers are the real crucial part, given that you hear all the sounds from them, there's no certain right or wrong...
  3. preston8452

    Digital Audio Output Differences? Is USB Audio Really The Top-notch?

    Hello guys, So after some struggles between spending time in optimizing my PC audio functionalities and adopting a dedicated music streamer, I opted for the second one. I purchased the Munich M1T by Silent Angel, given it's good reviews in UK and Germany and Switzerland, I thought it wouldn't...
  4. preston8452

    Do I really need an " Audio Grade Network Switch "?

    I think it's been a quite controversial topic for years, like what's the difference between normal network switch and an audio grade network switch, the price difference is certainly obvious though... Anyway, I've done some researches, most audio reviewers say that under this " new digital...
  5. preston8452

    Is an audio media transport really better than PC?

    Hello guys, I'm having some doubts about purchasing an audio grade media transport or music streamer. Wouldn't say I'm a sole PC Hi-FI dude, by recently I've been seeing a lot of reviews and articles talking about using a audio streamer to play music can certainly outperform PC playing, like...
  6. Zig13

    Basic, Decent Stereo Audio for Netflix/DVDs

    Looking to replace my dying Aiwa XR-EM20 (90/00s HiFi minisystem) in it's function as layman-good PC speakers for my partner's PC when we watch Netflix/DVDs. Neither of us are audiophiles and we're not interested in surround-sound. We've been perfectly happy with the sound quality of the XR-EM20...
  7. HermanMunster

    Second Hand Amp Advice

    Hi, So my second hand Arcam AVR300 died last night, I was using it to power a pair of Kef reference series model one speakers and a Kef Sub. Sources are mainly either a Chromecast audio or a Sonos bridge. I’m totally ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to Hifi in the last ten years and haven’t any...
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