1. theguga96

    High temps with Arctic mx4 on xfx rx480

    Hello guys, my xfx rx480 was getting pretty high temps during december so I decided to re apply the thermal paste using the Arctic mx4. During the first week after apply I was getting good temps, they dropped to 62/64°C. But soon they started rising, and about 2 weeks ago they went above 80°C. I...
  2. Moondoom

    7900X 100C at Load

    Hi guys, it seems that I have some really strange issue with my CPU temp. Long story in short: Mobo: Asus R6E, bios: 1002 CPU: 7900X - non delided - Water block (EK CPU+VRM combo unit) GPU: Strix 1080 TI - Water block (EK Block) Cooling loop: Full custom loop, 360PE(45mm) + 360SE(30mm) + EK 140...
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