1. Quartz

    How will Nvidia react to the AMD 6000 series launch?

    How do you think Nvidia will react to today's launch by AMD? It was an utter curb-stomp, wasn't it? Off the top of my head: Immediate price reductions - the 3090 will become $999 Ti / Super versions of GPUs with 16+ GB RAM for the same price and price reductions on existing low-VRAM cards...
  2. Quartz

    AMD RX 6X00 vs Nvidia Hopper hypothetical

    Imagine AMD's RX 6X00 performance matches the RTX 3080 and you, like me, have a RTX 2080 Ti. Imagine that Nvidia announce that they will be fast-tracking Hopper development for release 1H2021. Would you wait if availability were not an issue? For my part, the uplift to the 3080 isn't so high...
  3. Quartz

    The Nvidia Hopper thread

    Well, someone had to start it! All we have so far is this article from WCCFTech, not the most reliable source. Not even a reliable source, come to think of it. TLDR: Hopper will see a change to MCM architecture a la Ryzen.
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