1. mattyy

    Vegas hotels

    Hi guys. Planning on a little road trip and we have vegas on the map for a 2 nights stay. I have provisionally booked a couple of hotels with free cancellation. Has any one had any experience with either of these - just trying to finalise which one we should stay in! The Sahara - I’m aware...
  2. Quartz

    Spec me a hotel on Orkney

    My mother wants to go to Orkney for a few days, probably late September. So we need a hotel. 4 star or 5 star in case of bad weather, able to accept arrivals after midnight (the ferry gets in at 23:00), and with good views (she's an artist). She is of limited mobility, and uses a walking frame...
  3. 4K8KW10

    Trip to Rarotonga, Cook Islands?

    So, has anyone been in Avarua, Rarotonga recently? How is the Island? Hotels, prices? I see that the flights from Europe via Doha and New Zealand are not expensive.
  4. Feek

    Spent two to three days in Edinburgh - ** Here's my video **

    /edit - I've been, scroll down to post #45 to see my short video. Hi folks. I'm looking at spending a few days in Edinburgh next week, Tuesday to Friday. I've been to Edinburgh many times before but it's always been either with work or to meet up with friends for a couple of evenings out. If...
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