i5 2500k

  1. yonk

    What to upgrade for 4K video?

    Hi, I have Intel i5 2500k with 8Gb ddr3 with Radeon HD6850 card and 500W PSU. I'm planning to buy 43" 4K TV (used). What do I have to change to watch silky smooth 4k movies and 4k youtube videos?
  2. Jacolla

    Do you know why?

    Hi there, this is my first post and i'm not sure if i should do a presentation or something, sooo... here we go. Well I have an i5 2500k... yehh a good beast, 4 cores & 4 threads, with a little oc to 5gh, man it works pretty good, i've been looking and more or less it can play with some ryzens...
  3. slim01

    i5 2500k upgrade needed, I think (2nd hand buying advice)

    So my new GTX1080, on new games... Assassins Creed Origins - Medium/high settings @ 1440p = av fps 35?! Quantum Break - Medium/low settings @ 1440p = av fps, 26?!! ...Doom - Max settings @ 4k = 60fps Got used to thinking this day wouldn't come, but 8 years on and my legendary i5 2500k is...
  4. markymoo

    Is there room for growth under the hood of my PC (£500 Budget) Please help, you friendly lot :O)

    The below is my current build that I built in 2011 and then a new graphics card Apr 2012 when I lived at home. I only used for a few months before moving out and then resulting in PS3/4 and couch gaming. i have since got a PC Room so now have gone back to my PC. So I was wondering with the...
  5. Iain Marshall

    i5 2500k overclock on asus P8Z77-v LX

    Newbie here guys, needing some help. As per thread title. Tried using the fully auto tool first. Gave 4.3 GHz and upped base freq too. Temps were in mid 80s using Prime95. Found a youtube guide for manually doing 4.5GHz. Voltage manually set to 1.35, bclk 100. Tried an IBT and temps got up to 95...
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