i7 6700

  1. Mel_P

    ASUS Z170-P Motherboard with i5 6400 2.7GHz - CPU Upgrade worth it?

    Hello, As above, I have an ASUS Z170-P m/board with a Core i5 6400 2.7 GHz CPU (LGA 1151). Looking at the mother board spec I could buy a "pre-owned" Core i7 6700T 4GHz for £150 (varies - auction). New £300!!! - what sort of performance upgrade - e.g. games or Photoshop would I notice - can...
  2. Ouskie

    Need help to find a modified bios for hp motherboard.

    Hi guys! So I brought a pc a while back and now the system is starting to struggle. Doesn’t help my cpu is bound to 3.4ghz due to a hp motherboard. I got recommended to go on here to see if someone will know of a alternated bios I can use to unlock the rest of the features. Manufacture-HP...
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