1. Toshh

    Please help... PC Running really bad after several windows re-installs

    Hi all, I’ve been battling with this for over a month now tried looking all over the internet with no fix. I’ve reinstalled windows several times and issues still remain.... So to start things off... system spec; I9 7900x currently on coolermaster 240mm master liquid but have a 480mm EK loop...
  2. Connor@Overclockers

    Intel’s X-Series Processors Explained - by Mike Jennings

    You know Intel is serious when it releases X-branded processors. Intel saves this designation for its beefiest chips, and some new parts have hit the market with a thud. These new chips used turbo-charged versions of Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake architectures to deliver fearsome levels of...
  3. Moondoom

    7900X 100C at Load

    Hi guys, it seems that I have some really strange issue with my CPU temp. Long story in short: Mobo: Asus R6E, bios: 1002 CPU: 7900X - non delided - Water block (EK CPU+VRM combo unit) GPU: Strix 1080 TI - Water block (EK Block) Cooling loop: Full custom loop, 360PE(45mm) + 360SE(30mm) + EK 140...
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