1. qbazdz

    dGPU boot fail?.. Z690 + iGPU cpu

    Hi, Got an interesting discreet GPU issue here, perhaps someone came across something similar here. My Z690 setup includes CPU with iGPU so had been running it like this on the bench. I have a spare, old gen card (HD7950) which is now a backup and had been running flawlessly under WC for...
  2. WhoaPotato

    9700K Intel Quick Sync on Linux

    I have been trying to get my iGPU working on the 9700K when running in Ubuntu 16.04 but apparently there aren't many linux kernels that support the newer chipset? https://forums.plex.tv/t/hw-trancoding-not-work-on-i5-9600k/331081/23 Has anyone managed to get it working on Ubuntu? I would love...
  3. jwilliamson47

    Weird HDMI Motherboard Issue

    Hi all, Just finished building my new Z370 system and the only thing which is acting weird is the motherboard's HDMI port. When plugging in the cable it's all fine and posts a perfect image. However, the screen flashes black every so often. It's quite random and doesn't seem to be a result of...
  4. etmh

    Asus P8Z68-V not detecting on-board graphics adapter

    I'm trying to get my Asus P8Z68-V motherboard working with a monitor connected to the built-in DVI connector. It's booting successfully using a PCI-E graphics card attached, but without I'm getting a beepcode (long-short-short-short) and VGA_LED is remaining lit (and BOOT_DEVICE_LED). The...
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