1. twinbee

    LG 17" Gram 2020

    I'm very interested in this laptop, since I love anything super-quiet, lightweight and such a large screen. Problem is, the latest 2020 version is only available in the US, though I have heard UK people buy the previous LG Gram 2019 from the US and use a UK power lead and it still works. I...
  2. labcoattech

    Importing workflow

    Got my better half a Sony WX500 but she doesn't like the PlayMemories Home software that it came with to import photos / videos. I've checked the memory card and it looks like the photos are stored in multiple sub-folders and all the video files are stored in another sub-folder. I've tried...
  3. neocon

    Chinese Tablets

    Anyone purchased a tablet from a Chinese seller? E.g. Geekbuying Looking at getting a tablet. I'm borrowing a Nexus 7 at the moment and would like something to replace it. Seen these but not sure if they are any good. How close to stock android? 8.4 inch...