ips panels

  1. OldBoyUK

    Oh to picking a monitor.. A few choices

    Hey everyone Looking to get a second monitor that I want to use as my primary gaming monitor with my Dell SD2719DGF 27" becoming my second monitor to use for OBS, streaming chat etc. Like most, I am torn between several monitors and getting frustrated as after looking at some of the ones I...
  2. Aphex500

    What's your opinion on this unbearable decision.

    Hello my friends! So I've decided to upgrade my monitor, however I'm struggling with a few options and wanted to know others opinions on my considerations. I want to have 165hz, 1440, IPS (will consider other panels so please suggest) g-sync, 1ms response and preferably 24 - 27 inch. These are...
  3. LukeMurtagh1995

    Question about IPS panels vs. TN panels

    Hello everyone, The time has come for me to consider upgrading my monitor. I currently have an ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 1920x1080p with a TN panel and I am looking for a good 1440p panel to take advantage of my i7-9700k and my GTX 1080. I have seen these monitors which look interesting...
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