1. Rainmaker


    I searched for 'the' Aquiss thread on here, and realised there wasn't one. :eek: We have a thread for most of the providers, so I'm starting this rather than tag onto the main BT/FTTP thread. I ordered 'Family Pure Fibre 1000' with a /29 IPv4 and a /58 IPv6 last Friday. The MD (Martin) has been...
  2. chris blackford

    looking to change broadband

    hi im looking to change broadband is U Switch trustworthy are plusnet or vodafone any good? what ISP every one with?
  3. Phixsator

    Figuring out ISP Vlan ID, how?

    So my ISP has just upgraded its network in the area where I live and done some chances that differs from their previous setup. They have a policy that you have to use their own router on the fiberbox and set that to bridge mode if you want to use your own router but I figured out that they were...
  4. Kirito101

    Is it worth to purchase mifi mobile broadband or purchase a router then use a unlimited data plan s

    Hi, As the title suggests, I currently already have a three mobile contract with unlimited data plan. Since I am moving to a new property with no fixed phone line and the best option is to get a mobile broadband. I am thinking if the internet speed and performance is the same as carrying out...
  5. Sir Stallion

    Slow upload

    I just solved my GPU issues and now I have a slow upload problem. All devices in my household seem to be receiving around 20mbps upload but my new build seems to only reach between 1-4Mb upload. Any ideas guys, this is wired in to the router but even on wireless it’s the same. Speed test on...
  6. ic1male

    Uplay speed limiting (due to Corona) --- NO they are not (yet)

    I know PlayStation has said on the record they are working with ISPs to reduce download speeds in EU and US so everyone can still get access but has Ubisoft joined in? I can't get higher than 4.2MB/sec from Uplay PC with Sky. Anyone else on a different ISP get the same thing?
  7. raydona

    Port Forwarding Not Working

    Hi, Can I state from the outset that I live in a block of flats where we have access to only one ISP, Hyperoptic. Because of this I am stuck with this garbage ISP and cannot move to a better one. I am configuring port forwarding on hyperoptic ZXHN H298N router. I am running openSUSE leap 15.1 on...
  8. peanutismint

    Any UK broadband ISP with no contract and no setup fee?

    I'm moving into a new house in January but only for a couple of months (maybe as short as one month actually) before leaving the country. I know it has previously had Sky TV if that makes any difference... I'm hoping to get some kind of broadband internet in the property for the short time I'm...
  9. Housey

    FTTP Thoughts?

    Surprised to say we have the ability to order FTTP at home. I say this as we are very rural and a small cluster attached to a really small exchange (circa 300 properties on our exchange) but sure enough we have it. I actually walked around the grounds with the Openreach engineer looking at where...
  10. SkidMarkKing

    Vodafone Internet

    Hi! I have been with Vodafone for my mobile phone service for a while now and have been offered the large fibre package (76mbps/20mbps ish upload). I do live within a high speed area too. They are offering it for £25 on an 18 month contract. That is including line rental as well. I have...
  11. PenguinLover

    Can ISPs block one device (my PC) from the internet?

    I am currently on Virgin Media and would like to know if they can block one device from the internet without any others being disconnected.
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