1. landyvlad

    Weird javascript error

    So I tried to install Discord app and got a weird javascript error. Hopefully this image link works: I tried downloading and installing latest java and that didn't make any difference. Was subsequently told java is an entirely different thing to javascript? I also recently did a repair...
  2. Oberly21

    JS get data in html file

    Good morning everyone. I'm here with a big favour. I would like someone to guide me in the right direction In my work place i need to find solution to display data on the monitor from the website but to have certain data more simply shown than it is on the website. I know to do so i could...
  3. Mint_Sauce

    Open Source Projects for Good

    Hi all, I've been dabbling in development for a number of years, I'm self-taught and have no idea how good (or bad) I really am. I was a professional full stack developer for 2 years with a company but when covid kicked in it really knocked the business and I was made redundant. I've decided...
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