1. Gibbo

    JayEmm on Cars pays a visit to Overclockers and leaves with Bishop from Aliens

    Hi there Having known James for several years, he dropped me a ping about having a state of the art and totally unique PC built by our builds department due to the amount of customisation we can offer and give a truly custom and bespoke PC system to be able to do his video editing on and maybe...
  2. Gibbo

    OcUK Car Meet: Supercar Fest - Saturday July 20th with very LIMITED SPACES!

    Hi there I was emailed by a member from here a few days ago suggesting an OcUK meet at supercar Fest, it made sense I contacted the organiser and we now have a club stand, basically reserved parking for our group. The bad news is, 25 car maximum and I think were already upto 5 cars...
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