laptop upgradez

  1. Davey70

    Limited Choice

    Hi All, New to the forum and after a little bit of help/advice if possible. My 10 year old son is starting to loose him interest in his xbox and since both his sisters have laptops, he's starting to play games on his younger sisters via some portal or other. The games can't be that complex as...
  2. Crystalview

    Hi everyone new user here. Need help with upgrades pls.

    I currently have a hp p183sa laptop Running amd a8 6410 2.00ghz 8 gb ram Win 10 Im wanting to upgrade to 16gb ram specs say it supports 16gb so thats fine. My problem is cpu as i want to upgrade to amd a10 7890k 4.3ghz ... is the possible and compatible it has same fm2 socket and will the amd...
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