led bulbs

  1. windswept321

    Replacing fluorescent battens - best option/s?

    I have a couple of Windowed small office type rooms - maybe 10 ft x 12ft for the biggest one, lit with 2 double 6ft fluorescent battens. The smaller room has a single 6ft batten fitting. Price, looks, utility and effort are the main factors here. Options: I have single sided led tubes I...
  2. wendyLG

    LED bulbs throbbing (not gentle flicker)

    I have read the threads about LED's flickering at about 50hz. This isn't that I have bought a new light fitting which asks for G4 halogen bulbs. I tried using LED bulbs and the lights throbbed each pulse was about 1 second lit 1 second off. There is no dimmer switch. This throbbing stopped...
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