1. MrTedd

    Help.. droning sound

    Hi, I've recently bought a 66 plate Leon Titanium FR with 16k mileage. It drives like a dream, a bit harder on the suspension but to be expected. I have an issue when I reach 70 to 80ish and that is a low repetitive droning noise, much like a washing machine, it doesn't alter speed and drops off...
  2. dwjoll

    What to buy? £12-13k budget, Civic, Leon, Focus, Astra?

    Looking to buy my next car, a hatchback 4 doors, and could really use some helpful advice. My shortlist is: Honda Civic (new shape 2017 onwards) Seat Leon Ford Focus (2011-2018 really don't like the new shape) Vauxhall Asrta (2015 onwards) Some background: Currently driving a Vauxhall Corsa...
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