low performance

  1. Hirssa

    RTX 3080 Fortnite Performance Problem - 2 Identical systems, Only 1 of them having issue.

    Hey all, I need your expertise! My own PC seems to be running Fortnite just fine on maxed settings at 240FPS, and it'll hold it very well, however my brother's PC which is almost identical seems to be having an issue where it's only running at 170-180FPS in the exact same area and it'll dip...
  2. Garth806

    I really help need guys.

    my 2080ti (asus strix OC 11gb) recorded a supersition benchmark score of 3820.............yes 3820, components are ryzen 3700x, 32gb LPX RAM Profile set to 3200mhz,Gigabyte x570 auros elite wife, I have ddu the gpu, latest drivers, honestly in shock and I have no idea what to do.....It's fitted...
  3. eyehigh

    Boost performance on a gaming laptop 4k screen with HDMI dummy plug?

    Hi guys, I have a MSI GS73 8RF Stealth laptop which has an integrated Intel UHD 630 and a dedicated 1070 Max-Q GPU. What I noticed is when I plug in a HDMI cable and work on a 4k monitor on 60 Hz, everything is lightning fast. Unfortunately, that isn't the case when I'm using the laptop screen...
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