low power

  1. Removed User 345456

    Do you have this setup/what's your power usage?

    Basically I'm again considering a rig after getting stressed previously with the energy prices of building a silly spec brand new high end one... I'm thinking all secondhand parts on a budget so 3600x, rx6600, 550w psu, 16gb ram, single m.2, b550m, use my 144hz 1080p 27" aoc and undervolt...
  2. Garth806

    I really help need guys.

    my 2080ti (asus strix OC 11gb) recorded a supersition benchmark score of 3820.............yes 3820, components are ryzen 3700x, 32gb LPX RAM Profile set to 3200mhz,Gigabyte x570 auros elite wife, I have ddu the gpu, latest drivers, honestly in shock and I have no idea what to do.....It's fitted...
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