mac mini

  1. frostybarney

    Mac Mini Beating Video Editor and Gaming £2,500

    Hi all, My MacBook Pro isn't powerful enough to edit the 4K video I've been filming. I was going to upgrade to the new Mac Mini but I feel I can get more for my money's worth by building a PC. I'm also getting itchy fingers, I haven't built a PC since the X99 days and I miss dabbling in gaming...
  2. Housey

    Tidal on Mac but control from iPhone/iPad?

    I have both Spotify and Tidal and though I much prefer the Spotify interface I can't get past (to my ears) the better sound quality like for like I hear in Tidal £19.99 a month subscription. So I am going to bin Spotify and fully commit to Tidal! I have a Mac Mini running the Tidal app as my...
  3. Rameses

    Mac Mini Late 2012 - Can it handle html5 1080p60 1440p/2160p YT?

    Hey, bit of a long shot but wondering if anyone with this Mini can say if it can handle 1080p60 and 1440p/2160p youtube content, be it windowed or fullscreen without stuttering etc? I've asked around other sites but no one has an answer for me, so I'm looking for users who've have/had this...
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