memory errors

  1. rdr1991

    Mem test errors

    Good morning all. I posted in other threads about this problem. Since then I think i've got further with my troubleshooting and performed a memtest run. i9-10850k Gigabyte z490 aurous elite ac mothedboard 4x8gb Patriot ddr4 4400mhz xmp memory. I bought this hardware a couple days ago and...
  2. Matmatty65


    Bought 32gigs of ram 3600mhz and put them in a system and was having recurring memory problems. Have just now put them in a new system and have started getting BSOD MEMORY MANAGEMENT. I ran them both on XMP on both systems. Do i need to do something with voltages or other fixes?
  3. m3atsauc3

    NVidia RTX 2070 GPU possibly failing

    Hi all, I believe my fairly new GPU is rapidly giving up the ghost, but would like your opinion on if I should look into getting it repaired/fixed! It's a 2070 Inno3D. Generally my PC has been fine, running games smoothly etc. A few weeks ago I could hear what might be described as coil whine...
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