1. cg-works

    Can't get PSU to CPU cable for Corsair Modular?

    I please need some help here. I’m so freaked out. I’m putting together a new build and can’t get a CPU power cable that is a Type 3 on either side!? It’s a Corsair modular PSU. It’s a Type 3 on the board – so round + square + square + round on one row. And square + round + round + square on the...
  2. Ben_Redkabuku

    RX-Modulus (Completely Modular Mouse) In Development

    Hello. For the last 3 years I have been slowly developing this mouse (Code name: RX-Modulus). I've been though many reviews and start-overs but now I believe I've ended up on the right track. This mouse finally has the capability to be freely changed, fixed and upgraded suit the user. I'm now...
  3. Tom Parton


    ASUS ROG have added two new PSU's to their lineup. The ROG STRIX Series is the Gold Certified brother of the mighty ROG THOR Platinum PSU's. The new Gold Rated PSU's retain the THOR's impressive cooling innovations, this means huge ROG Heatsinks across the internal components and Powerful fans...
  4. Tom Parton


    Available to pre-order today, we have Kolink's newest range of power supplies - The Enclave series. The Enclave range initially consists of 3 models, 500W/600W and 700W, all 80+ Gold 230V EU certified and fully modular. As with all their products, Kolink have aimed to offer an extremely...
  5. kisserik93

    Best modular mechanical keyboards

    Hi! I am currently using an Asus Strix Tatic Pro keyboard, but I think it's time to replace it. What do I want? I want a keyboard with these features: - ISO layout - modular (option to change switches) - mechanical - backlight - num pad I will use the keyboard for Game, Programming and Daily...
  6. alex crossland

    replacemet leads for ThermalTake PSU?

    Does anyone know where i might be able to get replacement modlar cables for a thermaltake power supply? I have gone to ThermalTake Support and, after 2 days of messages using every available avenue of communication, they have said they "will look to see if they have some" but i am not hopefull...
  7. GDL

    Power supply needed 16 sata drives.

    Hi guys. I have a HP ML10 V2 server that uses a none modular stock PSU and I'm daisy chaining molex to sata power extenders/spliters to fit more drives since it's used as a file server. I'm going to be moving it out of the case it sits in next week but I'm after a PSU that I can have at least...
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