1. shaylue

    Mis sold vehicle with 2 sets of void warranty

    My husband in June last year (2023) purchased a 2021 Peugeot 2008. This was from a Peugeot Franchise and was classed as approved used. They sold this car with a Peugeot 3 year warranty and an approved used 1 year warranty. In all honesty, I’ve never favoured Peugeot nor Citroen and had ranted...
  2. TinyMe

    Damaged new car! Opinions please

    My cousin is getting his first car on finance, it will be brand new and fitted with a black box. (He’s just passed his test) It was on its way to be delivered today when he got a call to say his car had been damaged during transport so they need to take it back and fix it. (It was being...
  3. fr0zenbutt3r

    not sure whether to go through amc or tp

    Hiya guys I recently had a car accident, in which my car was a write-off. I’m a bit confused about the accident management company (amc). So essentially I don’t need a hire car from amc, as my insurance offers a hire car. Plus, I’ve read stories of where others have hired a car from amc and...
  4. Alex22159

    Custom YBR125 not starting

    Hello all, I have this custom YBR125 gathering dust in the garage, its been offline for roughly 7 years. Originally it wouldn't make any sounds at all but after a little charging from the car it sounds like its turning over. However I have 0 idea on mechanics for bikes or cars and have VERY...
  5. Cadder

    Would You Buy A Used Hybrid Car?

    Hii all, We want to replace our tiny hatchback with a decent, reliable estate and have seen a 2018 Merc 2.0 C350e g.4 kWh Sport G-Tronic+ (s/S) with 48k miles on the clock. At 3 years old, at the time of writing this, is there anything about it being a hybrid that makes this a worse purchase...
  6. Bnjkmn

    20 Reg Plate or 69

    Hi all... I’m looking at getting a new Volkswagen Golf and it’s being held for me... The dealership is desperate to get me to take this car ASAP and keep phoning offering something additional to the offer (nothing major)... but I feel more inclined to wait for the new 20 plate instead of the...
  7. SS1_122

    Squeak noise sometimes in car

    Hi there, Got my chevrolet spark in November 2019, all seems okay with it except that there is a slight squeak occasionally, not all the time which sounds almost like a bird tweeting or something (only way i can describe it lol). Id say it was kind of at the front of the car and it happens...
  8. Space Monkey

    What size MDPC sleeving for EKWB D5 wires?

    Hi guys, I've just received the following from OCUK: I want to sleeve the molex wires and also the smaller taco wire (3 pin fan wire). Any idea what size sleeving I need for both of these along...
  9. Queenb1

    DPF Seat Leon Copa 2012

    Hi guys! I recently brought a Seat Leon 2012 Diesel, but I wish I did a bit more research!! So I've just found about this dpf. Didn't even know they existed until yesterday after my car was making a noise when I switched it off and it turned out it was regenerating ‍♀️ or attempting to...
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