1. OldBoyUK

    TV Mount Recommendation Needed

    Hi all I have a 50" TV that needs to be mounted to a studded wall and I'm stumped on which mount to get. I only need a mount that tilts. The TV is: Samsung EU50AU7100KXXU Any recommendations in the sub £100 range would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  2. liquidphantom

    Swapping Air cooling for AIO: Mounting question

    Hi all I currently have a MSI Z97 GD65 motherboard (Haswell socket) with I7 4770K which is currently being air cooled with a Be Quiet Dark Pro. I want to change out the cooling for an AIO so I can make more room in the case for an AIO for my 1080ti as there isn't much clearance between the top...
  3. KOS666

    Zalman LQ315 2011 mount screws

    Hey all, I've managed to lose the 2011 mount screws & really want to mount the LQ315 to my 2011 system. I've tried messaging Zalman, but I haven't got a reply in over 2 months, so I'm looking for advice or ideas to get the mount screws please. The original screws are just a little too short &...
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