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  2. BananaDunka

    Take the buzzfeed sci-fi movie nerd test

    I know it's buzzfeed, so now that that is out the way... I got all 51. Mr Nobody rates below Equilibrium IMO and the latter is missing of the list as are a few others that deserve to be there.
  3. BananaDunka

    Meerkat movies code please!

    All of you are pretty awesome people, did you know that? Also, could anyone spare a code for tomorrow please? Thank you! Edit* I have one now, the rest of you are just OK... :D
  4. JammieR

    Best Movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

    Can you guys recommend me some mind-blowing movies on Netflix? Please
  5. neocon

    Christmas movies

    What are you top Christmas movies? Here are some of mine: Home Alone Christmas Vacation Die Hard Bad Santa Eyes wide shut Elf Gremlins The Ref American Psycho
  6. MindfulPlayer

    Need a decent 1440p monitor [£500 - £600]

    Hi, I'm looking for a decent 1440p IPS monitor within £500 - £600 price range if it's possible. Tho, I don't want anything bigger than 28 Inch as I don't have space for it. Any recommendations or tips ?
  7. TallPaul1878

    EU Commission on piracy A 307 page study on the effects of piracy has concluded that it has no impact on sales of video games, ebooks and music. Effectively it is saying that the people who pirate games would not be buying the...
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