ms flight simulator 2020

  1. Michael O'Neill

    Seeking advice on my first PC Build (for music DAW, VR, MS Flight Sim 2020)

    Hi All. Just joined the forum yesterday and this is my first post so be gentle with me ha ha! I'm looking to build my first PC. I have done a few minor bits on PCs in the past (installing RAM, swapping HDD/SDD and OS, that kind of thing) but never build a full PC and wouldn't mind the challenge...
  2. martyn83

    MS Flight Simulator 2020 Build...

    Hi, Is anyone out there able to give me a hand with what to use in a build for Flight Sim 2020 which is going to be with us soon. I have not built a PC before and the last one I had made for me was aimed at Flight Sim X many years ago. Budget wise would be £2000 although I will need a monitor...
  3. lurkio

    **** Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Thread ****

    So MS have decided to get back into flight simulations Comparison of versions Out now
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