1. Phantom Mark

    About to give up - Z490 MSI Meg Ace

    Built a new system here using the Meg Ace and a 10900k. First thing I did was turn off the ability for the motherboard to pre-overclock anything, and just enable XMP for my Corsair RGB 3600mhz CL18 ram (2x32gb in slot 2,4) All seemed like it was running ok and then the RGB randomly turned off...
  2. AML Custom Pc

    #Pure sponsored by Thermaltake and MSI

    Hey, thanks for checking out my build log for #Pure. I couldn’t have done this build if it was not for the sponsors, MSI Thermaltake, To the wire sleeving. This build will have a white, blue and frosted theme and I want the case to keep its external look and at the centre of the build...
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