music production

  1. Mister66

    Macbook for music production (metal)

    I am currently looking to upgrade from my Macbook Pro (13inch, mid 2012) i5 as it is slowing down and struggles to run logic and pro tools now. I do a lot of guitar tracking and use plug ins frequently so I need something that can handle running these. I'm unsure what specs I would require so...
  2. Shamm68

    PC build for Music editing

    Afternoon People Im looking to build a new rig for editing music using Studio One as a DAW and various vsts etc. I don't need a monitor, keyboard and mouse so im looking for a decent tower and all the components within Budget of around £600 Many thanks
  3. nxnje

    Should I upgrade and what should I upgrade? 2013 config..

    Hello everyone! I had much time to think these holidays and i decided to move towards an upgrade. My doubt is very big What should i upgrade? I usually play pubg, overwatch, rainbow six, battlefield (sometimes), fortnite (very few times). I even produce music with ableton live so audio editing...
  4. UberTiger

    Spec me a high end music production machine and workstation setup for Sibelius

    I've been tasked with speccing out or ordering a pre built music production PC setup for a friend. It will be pretty much be a dedicated Sibelius machine for composing an opera on, with full orchestra. Does anyone know if Sibelius will utilise 32 or 64GB of RAM or more? I've been having a...
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