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  1. Chris Georgiou

    Help putting together a £1500 gaming build

    Hey guys, just looking for some ideas of you experienced lot, looking to build my second gaming setup, got a budget of £1500 for the build on itself won’t mind pushing couple £100 if I have to, we will see what you guys come up with.. I won’t be ordering parts untill late September so I...
  2. Dean O'Hagan

    New to PC Gaming - Can do with Advice

    Hi all I recently just bought a gaming PC off a friend that was passed down to him from his dad. I gave him £300 for it. Ill list the parts below as it was custom built; Motherboard - Asrock FM2A88X Extreme 6+ Processor - AMD A10-7870K Ram - Corsair Vengeance 16gb Graphics Card - AMD Radeon...
  3. Kiwi123456789

    Need help with my pc !!!

    Hi so i had a 1050ti and AMD fx 8350 and i decided to upgrade to a 580 8gb,i valorant and fornite and the bottleneck from my cpu is so bad i now get anything between 70-110 on low settings same when i max them out!! what should i do downgrade to 570 8gb or buy a cpu cooler as i still use the...

    New build problem

    So even struggling with my new build but now I'm completely stumped. Got my new build working downloaded some driver update software updates windows and pc seems to be running fine. I downloaded amd radeon software for my gpu and mid way through its crashes. I load it back up its now taking a...
  5. Laura Hunt

    Best motherboard for future proofing a new PC

    Hi guys! I'm looking to get a new computer but last time I built one it was on the cusp of a new advancement in the design of motherboards and connectors, which meant that that computer quickly became non-upgradeable. Since then I've just had cheap laptops but I now want a PC for gaming and...
  6. JoeBro30

    New build help

    Hey all, looking for a bit of help with a build. Couple of years ago I bought a pre-built PC as my first gaming PC which has done the job, but I'm looking to upgrade as I have an itch to get in to either streaming or making videos. I consider myself quite clued up on technology but it's more...
  7. Eacc

    New to PC gaming

    Hi everyone, This has been a long time coming but i have finally decided to invest in a gaming PC. I have a budget of £700-£800 to buy the actual PC. What could i get with that? I would need to get a mouse, keyboard, monitor etc but i am sure i can figure that out for myself, although...
  8. Originalandawesome

    (Complete build) I think I'm close, can you tell me if I screwed up somewhere?

    Hi guys, I've read up on a lot of stuff last couple of weeks, but I admit I'm definitly not a pro. Good job or brutally honest, give me your best shot! Can you help me out? https://************.com/list/BsPnP3 Just a few thoughts behind the setup: I based this around the ryzen CPU and the...
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