new build; help

  1. LC_White

    New to gaming PC and need help

    Reading many posts here makes me want to build with my child as it seemed great for bonding time. But since have zero experience, don't want to mess it up. I have budget of £800max (would prefer nearest to £700) want it to last long and upgradable in the future. Mainly for playing games but my...
  2. FARGO

    New build: spec check and advice

    Hi all, I'm long overdue a new system and would greatly appreciate your help. A friend specced the below a few weeks ago but we're both conscious that things may have changed since the new Ryzen release. I mainly play FPS games but my bloated steam library has all sorts of titles that I've not...
  3. noclue

    First Time build advice

    hi everyone, So ..... decided I will try to build an entry level gaming pc. My i5 laptop just doesn't cut it anymore!! I don't want much - I don't do the headset stuff or co-op multiplayer, etc, etc. But I do like to play things like Elite or Resident Evil and it seems these days even the most...
  4. Lewis Morris

    New Build - What do you think? Suggestions?

    Hi All, Going to buy this in a few days and wonder if anyone has any suggestions? Do I need the NVMe ssd? Is 650w enough? Will the new Ryzen work in this motherboard (somewhere online it said i might have to update firmware)
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