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  1. proxyc

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    Hi all. It took me a while to read a big amount of threads in here and decide to come and say hi. What a great community, let me tell you. Well done! I'm not new to PC gaming but I've been away for a while, too long actually, and I'm planning on getting back to pc building as well. Throughout...
  2. Strangeman24

    New member with an idea

    Hello all, My name is Karl and i am joining to draw on the wealth of water cooling skills and information found here. I have just become a farther and after getting to grips with the feeds and sleepless nights i have had an idea. The advice at present is if you are making up bottles to use...
  3. 0Steve.Walker0

    Advice please "shadow streaming" Vs building a setup

    Just for discussion or advice please be nice I'm currently using an old pc to run shadow game streaming I have no issues with the service and I understand the draw backs don't want a lecture about how good or bad it is that's for another post I'm considering building a new pc for a project...
  4. Daisy Gardner

    New Member Here!

    Hello Overclockers! My name btw is Daisy Gardner, 30 years old. Despite my young age, I have already established a small company that offers home insurance. Aside from that, I like reading books and cooking in our home if I have a time. Anyway, Thank you for those will welcome me. ;)
  5. JCave96

    Looking to enter pc gaming.

    Im new to pc gaming and looking for a set up that will allow me to play a variety of games at good quality. Im looking to invest into pc gaming however i have very limited knowledge of pcs and what is good and so im open to suggestions and help from others.
  6. Muller1989

    New but Old!

    Hello all! I have been buying from OC UK for a number of years. Still rocking my 2005 Q6600 core 2 Quad at 3Ghz!!!
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