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  1. Teacake

    First Build

    I have recently gotten into PC gaming and I brought the 6750xt eagle but I am unsure what components would work best. I do want a Wi-Fi motherboard Case that would be easy to work with Budget 500
  2. Isah

    New to PC first build

    So I want to build my first ever PC but I am unsure about what parts to get for a budget build. I do want a Wi-Fi motherboard and I did purchase a used RX6600 Eagle. I mainly want to game at 1080p and my budget is about 500
  3. LabraBell

    New builder - looking for alternative PC case after intended one has gone out of stock

    E: It's done. All parts have been bought and I am now waiting for them to be delivered. In the end I chose the MSI mag forge 100M. Heya. A couple months ago I asked for help with an IGPU computer build, and with the assistance of several commenters, was able to build a list as seen below. I now...
  4. LabraBell

    Looking to build a digital art PC on a £5-600 budget

    Hey there. Let me preface this by saying I'm brand new to this website (And to PC building as a whole), so if I've posted this in the wrong place please let me know. I'm hoping to get some guidance on what parts I should use for a PC build, please. I've been banging my head up a brick wall for...
  5. HarleyJ1903

    11th Gen i7 or 12th Gen i5?

    Hi all, I'm new to PC gaming and looking to purchase my first PC. Do I go with the 11th Gen i7 or 12th Gen i5? Both will be with The GTX 3070TI GPU and 16gb ram. Thoughts, advice? Thanks in advanced.
  6. PC builder

    Help with 3 PC builds for max £1100 - buy or build?

    I've been looking at 2 pre built options: I am literally looking for value - I dont want to get ripped off! While trying to get decent mid range gaming pc Build 1: Asus ROG G15Dk (AMD Ryzen 5-5600X, NVIDIA GeForce GTX1650 SUPER, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD) & Windows for £849 Build 2: ADMI, Ryzen 5...
  7. Boltstorm

    New to PC Gamming

    hi all i would like to say thank you in advance for any help I receive so basically I have not got a clue when it comes to gaming set ups and really want to get my first gaming pc so my price range I'm looking is between 2k -2.5k i want a pc where I can stream no problem gaming with no...
  8. Darrenx92

    Graphics card

    Might sound rather silly to some, however i was wondering if its possible to use my pc without a graphics card. Im having to get a replacement and i need to use my pc for simple stuff, like browsing internet, and some small work stuff. Is it possible
  9. Jtevans

    Looking for advice on sub £1000 gaming pc

    i've currently got my eyes on an i7 9600k, 16 gb of RAM and a RXT 2070 Super. I am looking to play games like Rainbow 6, overwatch and battlefield 5 and max settings and I was wondering if these choices were over the top or bad like AMD or Intel. Any advice would help. Thank you
  10. jdear

    New to PC building - where to start?

    Former console player, looking to get into PC gaming but I have absolutely no experience with building and a very limited understanding of parts needed for PCs, let alone which parts are "better". I'm looking for some advice on where to start looking to improve my knowledge of building / parts...
  11. Jennie Wallace

    New to PC gaming - what is right PC for me?

    Hi I've been playing games on PS3 and PS4 games for a while, but I've wanted to play games on PC desktop for a while now, mainly as I want to be able to use mods. Very shallow, I know! Thing is, I know absolutely nothing about gaming PCs, I don't understand specs, it just looks a jumble of...
  12. devilbradz

    would this class as a gaming pc

    hello advice needed. I am new to Pc building my question is would u class this as a gaming pc when built or a stranded Pc ? Motherboard Gigabyte A320M-S2H Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.4GHz Graphics MSI NVIDIA GeForce GT...
  13. Develoution53

    Decent gaming latop recommendations for £7-800

    Hi guys, so I'm 19 years old and about to go off to university my parents have said they'll put £200 towards a laptop and I have time to save about £500, I had a look at gaming desktops and immediately stopped when I realised my budget is nowhere near what would be required to build a decent...
  14. I.W.H

    New To PC Building

    Hi I’m new to these forums and to PC building and could do with a bit of help. I have made myself a list of components that I think would work well with each other for what I need it for. I’m going to need this PC for web browsing, school work, gaming and editing/streaming. If anyone could...
  15. TaintedWolf

    Build me a PC please new to it

    Hey guys i need help in building a gaming PC my budget is between £700-850 and i am looking to buy from overclockers can anyone suggest what i should get ? the games i play are Cities skyline , league of legends, guild wars 2 , the new Jurassic world game coming out and warframe. also looking to...
  16. Tylerboddy

  17. Smiithyx

    Need help choosing where to start !

    I'm new to pc I haven't got much of a budget probable at most £500, can anyone recommend something that will play modern games for this budget ? As long as it doesn't lag and I can run games like black ops 3 on medium for example I'd be happy, Any help really appreciated :)
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