northern lights

  1. Efour

    Northern lights from my back garden I know some of you dig this. Taken with longer exposure on a pixel 7 pro In Night mode.
  2. LuckyBenski

    Northern Lights: Tromsø in November?

    Well, work have told me to use up my leave by Christmas again. I'm not very well travelled but last year I ended up going to Japan. I've decided I want to see the Northern Lights. Not too bothered about any other tourist stuff TBH, though I'm open to anything as an experience. Looks like Tromsø...
  3. Mel_P

    Software for panoramic stitch of Northern Lights images?

    As per question - I have several "3-shots wide" images of the northern lights but Lightroom or Photoshop wont stitch them together though as even though there is a visible base the lights themselves are fairly fuzzy round the edges and the software (LR6, PS6) cannot see the joins! If I just...
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