1. Journo_Rob

    The 8Pack Supernova is back, and better than ever!

    The original! The legend! 8Pack’s ultimate powerhouse PC, the Supernova just got even more powerful! Serious Performance Uplift The original 8Pack Supernova was already a powerhouse, but even the best of the best need upgrades now and then. Building on the Supernova’s legendary performance...
  2. stetamatea

    Help with radiator for 3090 SLI cooling

    Currently in my gaming/workstation setup i have 10900k cooled with an h150i pro xt AIO and a single 3090 ftw3 (currently air cooled) with second one arriving soon and then i plan to put both into a loop. I have to use quadro rtx a6000 3 slot (yes quadro bridges work with regular RTX 3000 series...
  3. Jarrastafari

    RTX 3090 SLI/NVLink (Help Please)

    I've watched the GamersNexus video and found a thread elsewhere but can't seem to find any guidance on how SLI/multi-GPU works (or doesn't) for the 3090's. Since we have our hands on two different brands - a Palit & Zotac (all we could get given the circumstances) - what can we expect in...
  4. Gripen90

    RTX 2080Ti NVlink same GPU Turing type?

    I am looking to run RTX 2080Ti NVlink SLi with my current MSI RTX 2080Ti Duke OC. Unfortunately due to space and motherboard layout I cannot use use the same model, and I need a card that max uses 2 price slot spacing. I have found a few models that meet that criteria like Inno3D RTX 2080Ti...
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