1. Cita8

    Return Omega and get a Hero?

    Hi all, I'm in a quandary about this as I bought the Secretlab Omega and have until Monday to return if needed. I'm 5 foot 8 and a half (177cm) and over 13 stone (85Kg's) so got the Omega instead of the Titan as thought that would be too big for me. Discounted other chairs (Hero etc) after...
  2. Jiml666

    Secretlab OMEGA napa leather v Noblechairs Icon leather

    These 2 chairs appear to be around the same price at the moment, but there is nowhere I can find in Scotland to try either of them. I note that the napa leather on the Icon comes at a large premium so I'm wondering if the Secretlab napa is of similar quality to the Noblechairs napa? Would the...
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