1. ssmacc

    DPL 3D 1080p (144Hz refresh rate) Glasses Recommendations?

    As the title, I've recently purchased a Optoma UHD51 projector and wondered if anyone would recommend any generic 3D glasses that would work with it? (from what I read most meeting the spec will work) The official ones are "Optoma's ZD302 DLPLink" I'll get a couple of pairs of these if need...
  2. ssmacc

    Projector Issue (beam of light off screen?)

    Hello, Recently upgraded my projector to a Optoma UHD51, really pleased with it. However, I've noticed it seems to project some light to the left and bottom of the screen? I can't explain it very well so included some pictures, the "bar" is really noticeable in dark scenes, I originally...
  3. Sinatri

    Optoma 143x - is this normal?

    Hey guys, I've bought today Optoma 143x. Have been trying it at my bedroom. Really enjoying the image quality. But I have noticed something when the movie got really dark, it looks like a light bleed to me, but Idk if this happens with projectors. Could you advise me if this normal...
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