1. DB_SamX

    Help with changing Outlook 2FA contact details

    I came to find out this week that my dad's Microsoft Outlook 2FA details are completely screwed up. He has a primary hotmail email address (let's call it email 1) with 2FA set up. The backup email address to receive codes is somehow email address 1 itself!!! How this was accepted is beyond my...
  2. Cadder

    Outlook Desktop Auto-Reading Emails

    Hi all, My company email server is Stackmail, which I had no problem connecting with on Outlook both on desktop and my mobile. I have other email addresses linked to outlook, but they are Microsoft domains. The problem I am experiencing is that my desktop outlook will not show any new emails I...
  3. stockhausen

    Can an Outlook email be "edited" by the sender after it has been read?

    I have been asked a question by someone to whom this has happened. Basically, he had some months ago booked two separate round trips to and from the US. Yesterday he received (and read) two emails advising him that the outbound trip had been cancelled and that he could reschedule the flights...
  4. AHarvey

    Outlook plugin - limit to BCC for multiple domain emails

    Hi, We often have issues where we may need to send important emails to several clients at the same time, this is normally due to a technical issue and although everyone is told to use BCC it often gets forgotten during the madness of a severe incident. Does anyone know of a plugin that throws...
  5. Emmy Watson

    Fatal Error: 80040900 in MS Outlook

    I’m using MS Outlook from past 8 years in Home as well as Office. Every time I faced the different issue, I don’t understand why Microsoft is not fixing all these issues permanently. Yesterday, my PST file got corrupted. I can’t send and receive any mail. I’m getting frustrated with this issue...
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