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  1. Journo_Rob

    We’ve levelled up! Overclockers UK Turns 25 This Year!!

    Why does our back hurt?... Happy New Year, forum friends. We hope the last week or so has been especially festive for you all. 2023 is over, and the year of the good, the bad, and the ugly games (looking at you, The Lord of the Rings: Gollum) ends with it. 2024 is here, and there's a lot to be...
  2. EssentialKarma

    Overclockers UK Refund

    Hey, so i got my 7900xtx few days ago in overclockers uk. idk if its my card or so, im not getting similar performance to what i see online. even tho im pretty finiky. i couldnt do anything to get better frames without overclocking. Long story short i wanna refund it to get a 4080 which i saw on...
  3. AmateurDragonSlayer

    Stock for Hyte Y60 - White?

    Looking at the Hyte Y60 for my next build, preferably in white but the store page doesn't list a stock date/arrival date. Is there any info available on when this is going to be in stock? Don't mind the wait just curious if this info is available as it's not on the page Or if anyone knows...
  4. fiveub

    Warwick Davis came to visit Overclockers UK

    I've had the pleasure of meeting Warwick Davis a few times now, at events (before Covid!), at Overclockers UK and I was even invited over to his house! Just before the first national lockdown started, the film stars, Warwick and also his son Harrison Davis both visited the office here at...
  5. EntropicPanda

    Please Help Me!

    Hello everyone, I have been looking at getting a custom PC from overclockers for quite some time. The PC I have made can be found here. If you look at the image, it looks like it has watercooling. I am just wondering whether that is true, or if it is just the image. If it does not come with...
  6. AR2802

    Overclockers experience review

    My experience of buying a pc from overclockers.
  7. Zefan

    *** Youtube/Video thread ***

    It's simple - post youtube videos. Be mindful of the forum rules and read the Rules again if you need a refresher. Inappropriate content and swearing will be removed.
  8. mblsk

    New gaming pc

    Hello everyone. After my not so pleasant experience with other major uk pc build retailers I have decided to give overclockers a chance. My basket pc below. Could you kindly let me know whether it looks alright and whether its worth changing anything? Also was thinking whether its better to just...
  9. fiveub

    Overclockers UK and noblechairs works with the most obscene Twitch streamers!

    Overclockers UK and noblechairs are currently working with two of the most obscene Twitch streamers, these streamers are breaking the Twitch terms of service and unintentionally offending viewers, using shocking language and making explicit physical gestures live on stream. With over 15...
  10. ComputationalThinker101

    Price Increase

    Could someone help me out? I recently decided to uprgrade my old gaming computer as it is in need of urgent replacement and came across overclockers uk’s custom pc build configurator. I put in my desired spec, which was: - i5-8600k - Gigabyte B360 HD3 - Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Glass Midi tower - 2...
  11. L23media

    Looking for a great deal

    Just starting into the wonderful world of PC gaming and looking to buy a ryzen 2600x system. It would be mainly used you stream mtgo but will also be playing games like gta,pubg,fortnite and so on. Got a budget of around £1000. Need everything please. Thanks.
  12. JaySV


    So I bought a MSI GT72 6QE-264UK Dominator Po 17.3" FHD IPS G-SYNC, Intel i7-6820HK, NVIDIA GTX 980M 8GB GDDR5 Gaming Laptop from OVERCLOCKERS Last december 19, 2015. At around May 2017, The laptop had a problem, it would suddenly shutdown on its own without any reason. So it was sent for...
  13. NikTheSHNIK


    Hi all, Overclockers UK now have an official Twitch channel where you can come and watch us be terrible at games! Click the twitch Logo above to head straight to our channel. We have regular streams most Tuesday's and Thursday's, but occasionally stream at other times so make sure to...
  14. Gibbo

    ASUS GTX 1080Ti ROG Strix Reviewed ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING

    Hi there Another review of what is no doubt set to be one of the very best and best selling GTX 1080Ti on the market, I know if it was my own personal money the Asus Strix would be a firm favourite for my personally. With great features such as 0db, 2x 8-pin, RGB, quiet and fantastic looks...
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