1. SmashBrown

    9700k overvolting and high temps - How do I stop it?

    Evening all, My 9700k has started overvolting lately, Despite having adaptive voltage set at 0.060, it is overvolting way too much on occasion. it has only started doing it lately, notably when I play total war three kingdoms, and only on the load in screen for battles for a couple of seconds...
  2. shiftyRat

    AsRock z270 Taichi overvolts my 7700K and temp readings.

    Hi, long time reader here and my first post :) I recently got the z270 Taicho mb with an 7700K intel cpu. Today I was messing around in the bios and I found out that the standard VCC PLL settings is 1.2 volts, while using any and all of the predefined OC profiles it sets it to 1.1 volts, which...
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