1. Space Monkey

    What's the minimum CPU that will 'not' hold back a Titan X (Pascal)?

    Hi guys, Trying to decide on what CPU to get for a new build and will be using it alongside the Titan X Pascal GPU, but I don't want it to hold back the GPU, so any experience on what's the minimum I need? I'll be using it with a 1440p/144Hz screen if that helps? Thanks :)
  2. Daimie

    1080 Ti: The Golden Chip | Post your max core clock @ 1000mV 60C!

    Who wins the silicon lottery? ;) In this thread we can get a normalized comparison of GPU quality between different 1080 Ti cards by posting here your max stable core clock @ constant 1000mV 60C. How to do it: 1) Apply defaults @ Afterburner and set -200MHz to Core Clock, hit Apply. 2) Press...
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