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  1. shohan hossain

    i7 4960k with gtx 770

    what should I upgrade and how much would this pc sell for??
  2. LabraBell

    New builder - looking for alternative PC case after intended one has gone out of stock

    E: It's done. All parts have been bought and I am now waiting for them to be delivered. In the end I chose the MSI mag forge 100M. Heya. A couple months ago I asked for help with an IGPU computer build, and with the assistance of several commenters, was able to build a list as seen below. I now...
  3. Tiber_Clay

    Upgrade Options Advice

    Hi I'm looking to upgrade my current Build in line with some more modern components to help performance and give the PC a new lease of life but I feel I'm at a fork in the road: Current build: Mobo: Asus H110M K D3 Ram: HyperX Fury Ddr3 1600 2x8gb (×2) CPU: i5-6400 GPU- AMD RX480 PSU: EVGA600...
  4. HPV

    High End PC Upgrade

    Hi guys, I work in video production but also game a lot at a fairly high level - I'm looking to upgrade my PC to get more frames per second in games and also export complex 4k edits faster which needs a lot of CPU power. I'm after a processor with lots of cores that can also get as close to 5ghz...
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