1. attari1882

    is this a suitable setup for roblox, fortnite, warzone?

    i7-4790K/16GB DDR3/256GB SSD+1TB HDD/GTX 1070
  2. Seventh

    I NEED YOU! : £4000 Gaming & Workstation PC Build Support

    Hey all, I am looking to upgrade a 5-year old desktop to a more current and dare I say "Future-proof" machine and I would like to enlist the expertise of the OCUK forums to guide this process! I am going with AMD for the CPU and Nvidia for the GPU with the aim of attaining fast Photoshop &...
  3. BAMitsLAMB

    First PC reccomendations. Please help!

    Hi. I'm looking at my first set up. I have a maximum £1000 to spend, but that's for everything, including keyboard, mouse and monitor. (Desk and chair not required for time being) so I'm looking to spend a maximum of £800 on the PC itself. I know nothing about PC's as I've been a console player...
  4. AML Custom Pc

    #Pure sponsored by Thermaltake and MSI

    Hey, thanks for checking out my build log for #Pure. I couldn’t have done this build if it was not for the sponsors, MSI Thermaltake, To the wire sleeving. This build will have a white, blue and frosted theme and I want the case to keep its external look and at the centre of the build...
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