1. Cooler running

    Rate that Rodent

    Thread is simple. 2 kinds of posters, Rodents and Raters. If you own, keep or otherwise have encountered a rodent which you have photographed, feel free to post it. Please don't post images of Rodents taken either professionally or haphazardly by others. If you're not the rodenting type...
  2. Fire_fly

    Another pet name thread

    My parents just got two new pet canaries, but are struggling to come up with names for them. The best names we can think of are Smokey and Bandit (the black marking on the yellow canaries head extends all the way across to in front of his other eye). But if GD can come up with any, I'm open to...
  3. EB_Prophet

    Flat Cats

    So about a year ago I got a little kitten, super cute silver Bengal, he's a menace but lovely! Anyway, as I live in a flat I was a bit concerned with windows and as such am suffering the heat with the windows just on the open latch as it were. Now I know there is a cat pic thread so I assume...
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