philips fidelio x2

  1. Matthew Sheridan

    Philips fidelio x2 sound leak

    Hi, I have recently built my first gaming PC and am loving it. I have just been playing with some on ear JBL headphones and am looking to upgrade my sound. I have looked at many options and think that some high end studio kind of headphones are the way to go. I think the philips fidelio x2 suit...
  2. Matthew Sheridan

    Gaming headset

    Hi, i have just got into PC gaming and quite want a good headset as am just using JBL headphones at the moment, to start with i looked at HyperX cloud II's but then someone suggested the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 version 1's. I watch Jacksepticeye quite a lot and liked the look of his pair of...
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