1. Drizmod

    Virgin Media Hub 3 Replacement Router

    I need to replace my Virgin Media Hub 3 Router with one that you can amend the DNS settings of. This is so that I can use my Rasberry pi 3 as an Ad blocker network wide (pi-hole). It would be a good bonus if there is an option to add VPN too (NordVPN). I don't really want to spend too much...
  2. jj007

    Buy modern router with WOL capability or set up a Pi3? HELP!

    AN OLD HAT NEEDS MODERNISING, I CHALLENGE YOU TO HELP ME WORK OUT BEST HARDWARE OPTION TO ALLOW WOL BROADCAST FOR REMOTE SESSIONS. Hi all. I would like to be able to perform WOL (wake on lan) broadcast remotely. When I am away from home I want to be able wake my machines up for remote sessions...
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