1. unityisstrength

    the Brexit is a big error for England

    Just to say you that (living in France) I’m a great fan of England. I regularly come to England (once or twice a year!) because I love your country, its language, and the people. However, since your attitude concerning the Brexit and inacceptable conditions which are the origin of the Brexit...
  2. h4rm0ny

    AfD MP hospitalised. Attempted murder.

    There's a pretty graphic image in the RT.com story so I'm posting the BBC article in this which crops the photo slightly even though I don't consider the BBC's reporting to be as fair on this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46792556 AfD MP was attacked by three masked assailants and...
  3. h4rm0ny

    Trump destroyed my marriage.

    Idly relaxing on a Saturday afternoon, an article by a divorce attorney crossed my view. Currently I'm in the disbelief phase. I suspect shortly I'll enter the despair phase. I thought I'd post it before I hang myself in the hopes I come back as a chimp or anything other than a human being next...
  4. Has P

    UK Digital Economy Act - how does it work?

    The Digital Economy Act of 2017 banned a whole host of pornographic material (including spanking, facesitting, urolagnia, fisting etc etc...) from being viewed by people in the UK. I don't really understand how this law is enforced because most of these acts are very easily accessible within...
  5. Kaladon

    Scottish Inderef Mk2 - lets have a civilized discussion folks.

    So.... here we are again and as such, lets keep this civil cos news of the Indyref2 was out for a little more than 4 hours. Already I'd had folks on my facebook feed from England saying "They can **** off we don't need them" "******* bunch of scroungers" and "We didn't need them in WW2, we don't...
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